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Simple Cosmetic Updates Make A Big Impact

It doesn't take a full renovation to turn your house into a home.

At House 2 Home Designs, I pride myself on being approachable and flexible. Unlike many interior designers who only want to take on expensive, full-scale projects, I believe that every space (big or small) deserves thoughtful, beautiful interior design.


Whether I join a project at the start of a huge renovation, or simply help a client select a few nice pieces for an existing space - I tailor my services to your needs, your space, and your budget. 

I started working with this client as they prepared to move their elderly parents into their own master bedroom. To make room, the client needed to convert their attic into a new master bedroom suite so that they would still have their own space. Though it was a difficult time for the family, I was able to help them all stay comfortable and at ease by designing a special space for everyone in the home. 

The New Master  Suite

Kitchen Renovation & Design

When this couple decided to move upstairs so their elderly parents could move into the existing master bedroom, they worried that the attic wouldn't ever truly feel like home. I helped them to space plan the attic area and envision designated spaces so that they never felt cramped. 

Then, we selected fabrics, finishes, furniture, wall paint, custom cabinetry, window treatments, and accessories to bring the space to life. While these are all simple, accessible changes - they make such a difference! 

Even if you aren't ready for a full renovation or remodel, you can make a big impact in your home with cosmetic updates like these. 

Now, this couple loves having their own, private space upstairs as well as sharing the downstairs living area with the family. 

Mud Room  Goals

Re-Imagined Bar Area

You probably wouldn't know it from the pictures, but this spacious mudroom was originally 3 separate rooms and a hallway. But this active, multi-generational family needed a functional space to drop their things after a long day. 


I saw right away that we needed to open it all up and create a spacious, functional mud room. 

The laundry area is every busy mom's dream. There's plenty of counter space for folding, hanging space for drying, and floor space so you never feel boxed in. 

The extra-tall wainscoting looks fresh, and protects the walls from getting dirty. After all, just because it's called a mud room doesn't mean it should be muddy!

Every member of the family has a dedicated storage hook, and the variety of drawers ensure that everything has a home. Talk about mud room goals.

Copy of Amy Website Photos.png

Dining Room Elegance 

Glamorous Master Bathroom
Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 6.25.47 PM.png

Once the client saw how clean the tall wainscoting looked in their mud room, they decided to continue it into the hallway and dining space. Because the dining area is directly across from the kitchen in this home, the family spends a lot of time here! So it was important that the room feel spacious and bright. 

I love how the wainscoting gives the illusion of added height in this space. Because of the exaggerated height, it tricks your eye into thinking the space is elongated. To play off of that and enhance the illusion, we chose window treatments that also elongate the space and make it appear taller.


And guess what - we got the treatments at Home Depot! That's proof that you can make a space feel expensive using simple, affordable materials. 

The dining table is where this client decided to splurge on a semi-custom piece. We worked together to select the color, wood, finish, and style to create their dream table. This is where the family will sit together and enjoy each other's company each day! 

Achievable Updates,  Sophisticated Results

Powder Room

Last but not least, I worked with this client to update the downstairs master bedroom before their parents arrived. Because there was someone moving in quickly, we knew we weren't going to do any construction or renovating in this space.


This is a perfect example of my Cosmetic Updates service - I helped the client reuse existing items to reinvigorate the room. 

All it took to redesign this space was paint, bedding, some affordable furniture pieces, and window treatments! The results are comfortable and sophisticated - perfect for an elderly couple. 


Ready for your home to feel perfect for you?

Contact House 2 Home Designs today, and let’s turn your house into a  home.

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