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Moving Services

At House 2 Home Designs, we understand how stressful the process of moving can be, and are here to help ease some of the pressure. Our Moving Services are flexible and can be used exactly as listed, or customized to fit your needs.

Measuring and Configuration

Before your move, the House 2 Home Designs team will come to your home and take measurements of your existing furniture, as well as measure room dimensions of your new home either in person, or using floor plans. With these measurements, we will create a drawing of the room and map out furniture placements for you.

When movers bring your furniture into the new space, they will know exactly where to put everything, saving you the inconvenience of rearranging once the move is complete. 

Organization and


Once your furniture has been moved in, the House 2 Home Designs team will assist in the unpacking and organizing process. WIth our expert skills, we can ensure that everything is organized to maximize functionality in your space and assist in a smooth moving process. 


Deciding where to place accessories can be tricky in a new home. As a part of our moving services, we will assist you with the placement of artwork and accessories so that each piece is displayed beautifully and fits with the flow of your decor. 

Moving Analysis and


To conclude our moving services, House 2 Home Designs will provide you with a Moving Analysis, detailing a list of items you may want to consider to complete the transformation from new house, to new home. A trained designer’s eye will be able to see the missing pieces that will elevate your space, and turn it into the home of your dreams.


If you decide to add to your space, our Purchasing and Personal Shopping services can be helpful in creating an efficient and budget friendly shopping experience.

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