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Historical  glamour in Hunterdon County Home

Modern functionality meets timeless elegance.

As soon as I walked into this gorgeous home in Hunterdon County, NJ, I had a clear vision for the space. Working closely with the client, we knew a historical interior design inspiration mixed with modern functionality would deliver timeless glamour. The client was inspired, so we ran with it! 


I loved referencing historical interior design throughout the home. I worked on the kitchen remodel and design, master bathroom, powder room, and bar area - and the space planning throughout. Working in multiple rooms gives me (and the client!) the opportunity to create a harmonious flow throughout the home. Although each room is distinctly unique, the home is tied together, shifting subtly from space to space.


See if you can identify the similarities that bring the different rooms together, as well as the subtle design differences that make each space one-of-a-kind.

Kitchen Renovation and  Design

Kitchen Renovation & Design

The primary concern for this busy family was function! Remodeling their kitchen - the central hub of activity in the home - came first. With client input on how the kitchen would be used day-to-day, I mapped the space to identify the most efficient and comfortable way to give the client what they wanted aesthetically and functionally. 


The island needed to serve as a beautiful piece of furniture just as much as a practical cooking and seating area. So, we sourced a gorgeous stacked lamination countertop for added thickness and luxury. Counter-height seating on the island’s opposite side ensures that there’s always a comfortable space to eat breakfast, do homework, or just hang out as a family.

Stainless steel appliances, shimmering polished chrome fixtures, and custom cabinetry are elements that add an equal measure of style and function in this beautiful kitchen renovation design. 

A fabulous mosaic backsplash was selected in light neutral tones for this historic kitchen. Lighting solutions include recessed lighting, pendant globe light fixtures, and under-cabinet lights!

Re-Imagined  Bar Area

Re-Imagined Bar Area

Adjacent to the kitchen, the client had a bar area with tons of unrealized potential. In fact, it was slowly but surely turning into a sort of catch-all junk cabinet. With simple, affordable cosmetic updates, we designed a gorgeous new bar - perfect for coffee, cocktails, and everything in between.

Historically-inspired sconces light the built in bar. A mirrored backsplash reflects light and brings depth to the area. Gold finishes add style and sophistication. 


The additional sink is used for everything from washing hands after school to refilling the coffee maker on a sleepy morning - all without needing to enter a (usually occupied) kitchen! 


Space Planning

Space Planning
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 3.25.24 PM.png

Using the existing floor plan of the home’s powder room, master bathroom, linen closet, pantry, coat closet, and laundry area - I redesigned the space to function better for the family. Relocating the closet in the master bedroom added more space to the master bathroom and laundry area. 

Space planning is always a crucial part of my design process. Your interior design does not need to be limited by the existing spatial layout of your home. There are easy ways to provide more flow with proper space planning, allowing for a more beautiful and functional home that you will love!

Master Bathroom  Design

Glamorous Master Bathroom

Explore the master bath that I had the opportunity to design for this gorgeous home in Hunterdon County. 


You’ll notice the same theme of historic glamour that we brought to the kitchen, and the same attention to function, in this master bathroom design. This adds to the overall harmony and flow throughout the home! 


A neutral color palette, paired with luxe metallics, gives the space a traditional, yet opulent look with timeless sophistication. It’s neither too masculine or too feminine - perfect for a couple who wanted a master bath that fit them both equally. 

In the name of function, ample storage was added under the vanity. His and hers sinks and mirrors ensure that no one is ever fighting for bathroom space.

The historic basketweave flooring looks amazing when paired with the mixed-pattern, monochromatic shower tiles! The historically-inspired taps and fixtures play so beautifully off the metallic mirrors. The result is stunningly dynamic, especially for such a neutral space. 

Small Powder Room With Big Style

Powder Room

Don’t miss the hidden gem that we transformed into a luxurious powder room with a historic feel. The goal for this small space was to bring 1780’s glamour to life. 

We achieved that goal by tying in the globe lighting from the kitchen, the historic basketweave flooring from the master bathroom, and the historically-inspired fixtures used throughout the home’s interior design. Dramatic, patterned wallpaper delivers a big "Wow!"

As always, function was the primary focus. The window treatment provides privacy and light control, without taking too much natural light from the space. And the mix of lighting solutions ensures that you always have adequate lighting to powder your nose in this beautiful powder room.

The result of this small but stylish space is proof that you can create bold design, even in the tiniest corners of your home.


Ready to transform the “problem areas” in your space?

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