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Awkward Attic Space To Fun Family Game Room

You won't believe the transformation.

I was asked for help transforming this large attic space into a fun, functional game room for entertaining. This busy family is heavily involved in their community, and always have friends and neighbors coming over for social events. They also wanted their college-aged "kids" to have a cool place to hang out. 

As a designer, I love when a space challenges me creatively. This third-story attic-turned-living-room was a dream because I was able to use my space planning expertise, incorporate existing sentimental pieces, create custom furnishing solutions, and get the clients involved in the design process. Read on to see this home interior design transformation come to life!

Space Planning

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A comfortable family room design in an attic is all about space planning! 


One of the unique challenges of designing in an attic is that the ceiling heights vary from one area to another. With thoughtful space planning, we used every nook and cranny in the space appropriately. This gives the illusion of more height and more room.

We were able to take a seemingly awkward attic space with a relatively low ceiling, and create a cozy yet spacious game room with multiple entertaining areas.

 Sentimental Pieces

Re-Imagined Bar Area

The sectional sofa shown here was an existing item that we reused to provide spatial division in the attic.

The coffee table was particularly sentimental to this family. It was built by the client's father, and had been in the family for years. The client was worried we wouldn't be able to make the table work. 

At House 2 Home Designs, I believe that any item can work. If it means something to you, why would you want to replace it? After all, your home interior design should make you feel good. It should make you feel at home. And the feeling of home comes from being around the things that make you smile!

As you can see, the client had nothing to worry about. The coffee table looks great, and it's super functional. Most importantly, it's a sentimental family heirloom that will be cherished for years.


Cool and Comfortable Atmosphere

Space Planning

Working closely with the client, I chose colors, materials, and textures to create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere with harmony across the open floor plan. Dark wood finishes and warm grey tones illicit a homey feel, while accents in a variety of blue prints infuse color and interest to the space.


Although the windows above the bar provide lots of natural light, it was essential to provide a variety of lighting solutions for this entertaining space. 

Overhead, recessed lighting provides bright, consistent light that opens up the space. 

Hanging fixtures over the pool table provide accent lighting and task lighting for those intense family pool tournaments. 

The result is a space that looks purposeful, without feeling overly "designed" or "Instagram-perfect."

This game room is a super cool feel-good space, where guests are encouraged to pull up a chair, kick up their feet, and stay a while. 

Custom  Designs

Glamorous Master Bathroom

One of my favorite things about interior design is that it's not just about envisioning a space. It's also about bringing that vision to life with creative problem solving. When I'm space planning, I'm constantly thinking of ways to make the space more functional. Sometimes, the only way to truly maximize the function of a space is to design something custom. 

The custom pieces designed exclusively for this game room are the bar, the round game table, and the fireplace.


The custom bar was built to give the family a perfect hosting and entertaining set up. From whipping up snacks, to serving cold drinks, and cleaning up at the end of a fun evening, this bar has everything you need. 

The tall bar top table was also designed custom to give plenty of surface area, without disrupting the flow of the space. 

The semi-custom Roman shades are largely functional - they provide privacy, light control, and climate control. I also love the shades because they tie together the mixed blue prints throughout the space and provide visual interest above the custom bar. 

My absolute favorite area in this attic game room is the fireplace - it was a collaboration between myself and the client! In fact, the client did the mason work required to turn this stone fireplace into a central feature of this family room design. 

The Result!

This was previously an awkward, empty attic that felt like a waste of space to this fun-loving family. 

Now, it is a comfortable, functional game room that is a staple in their home interior design.

It is a place where this family will hang out and make meaningful memories for years to come!

Want to make memories in a space designed just for you?

Contact House 2 Home Designs today, and let’s turn your house into a  home.

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