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 Functional Attic Renovation

Unused spaces can be transformed.

As an interior designer, when I see dead, unused space in a home, I just see wasted potential. These seemingly awkward areas can be simply and affordably transformed with the right help! 

For this project, I helped the client renovate their oddly-shaped, catch-all storage

space above the garage into a comfortable, multi-function family room.


With just a few clever pieces, we made this space feel more open, more useful, and more inviting!

The WonkyWall

31 (1).jpg

The most important thing to tackle in this attic renovation was the wonky wall. In order to make the space under the angled ceiling more functional, we built custom cabinetry including display shelves, a TV mount, storage drawers, and a mini bar area! We even added a custom spot for the family's fish tank.

Now, the angled ceiling feels like a much more natural part of the room's design.

Another trick we used to disguise the wonky wall is paint. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls makes for a much more subtle transition. 

Be careful when selecting paint for tricky areas of your home like this one. It can be difficult to determine the tone and shade that will look the best in every corner, at every time of day. Considering painting soon? Call me anytime to schedule a paint consultation! 

Affordable Design Transformation


Not only does this attic now function as a den and a mini-bar for entertaining, it also provides storage and an area for playing! Behind the two subtle sliding doors is a 3-foot deep closet that stores all the kids' toys and doubles as a little play room. 

Can you believe that this space came together using almost only existing items that the client already owned? The only new pieces purchased were the pillows and lampshades. This is proof that interior design doesn't always require a huge investment! With help from the right designer, you can transform any space into a functional, comfortable environment that will serve your family's needs.

What space in your home do you want to transform?

Contact House 2 Home Designs today!

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