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A Colorful Home For An  Eclectic Couple

Interior Design Should Feel Uniquely "You."

It's always great to work with clients who know what they love. For this project, I worked with a fun-loving couple who wanted color, art, and personality infused into their interior design. We ran with the inspiration, and I'm thrilled with how this home came together. 

We went for an eclectic vibe that plays up the clients' unique perspective. From the living room, to the home office, to the kitchen - this home is perfectly tailored to their artistic sensibility! 

 Convertible Living Room

Kitchen Renovation & Design

The jump off point for this unique living room design was the stunning red rug. Everything was selected to compliment that piece that the client fell in love with. Though it has a traditional style, it also has vibrant colors that play into the eclectic style we wanted to incorporate into the home. The blend of traditional and eclectic design elements is something that we played with in many ways - from the gallery wall of fine art that is constantly evolving, to the "convertible" spacial layout!

unnamed-12 (2).jpg

As a designer that specializes in space planning, this living room was such a cool challenge! The client wanted to create a space that could be rearranged into different configurations and layouts. 


To accomplish this, we selected two rectangular coffee tables that can used independently, or be put together to form a larger, square coffee table in the center. This gives the client more options than a single coffee table would. 

The seating was also selected to be easily reconfigured for different purposes. When entertaining, the room can be opened up to create more open floor space. Then, for day to day living, the room can be arranged into separate seating areas. 

No matter how the room is arranged, the beautiful natural light and view through the window makes the space feel bright and fresh.

Colorful Kitchen

Re-Imagined Bar Area

You'd never know by looking at this picture, but the original programming in this spacious kitchen was absolutely horrible! We had to reconfigure the entire layout in order to make this kitchen function for the client, who loves to cook. 

We added the prep sink, custom cabinetry (with tons of drawers and accessible storage space), and the island with barstool seating to improve the flow and functionality of the kitchen. 


From there, the patterned mosaic backsplash served as the perfect inspiration for this colorful kitchen! 

I love how the rich blue plays against the silver-leafed fixtures and stacked quartz island. It feels very expensive, but still so fun! 

My absolute favorite elements in this kitchen are the Waterstone faucets, made of reclaimed Navy parts! They're clean and polished - but still unique.

unnamed (1) (1).jpg

Sun Room Construction

Glamorous Master Bathroom

This cozy sunroom was originally an outdoor porch that was going unused. So we worked together to design and construct a sunroom that would be more comfortable for the client. Now, this is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home! 

We got creative, using trim around the three windows to make it feel like one, oversized window that highlights the beautiful view outside.  

This sunroom has temperature control with its own AC/heating unit - so you can enjoy the outdoor view in any season!

Don't you love the Foo dogs guarding the home by the windows? They perfectly sum up this client's fun, funky approach to design.

unnamed-9 (2).jpg

The Office

Powder Room

Did you have to find space for a makeshift home office this year? If so, you're not alone! 

A lot of us have had to reimagine our living areas to be more multi-purpose, to make room for work, school, and more. 

In this space, we set aside a small work area with a desk, printing station, and filing/storage space. Although it's simple, it has everything you need to stay productive from home! 

Pro Tip! Set up your desk in front of a window if you can. Natural lighting will always make you look fabulous on Zoom. 

Let's reimagine your space together!

Contact House 2 Home Designs today, and we'll turn your house into a  home.

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