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 Kitchen With Custom Painted Mural

This kitchen remodel and design puts the FUN in functional.

As you can probably tell by looking at the custom-painted mural on the ceiling of this unique space,

I had a blast working with this client to remodel and design their kitchen!

Read on to learn more about how my expertise in kitchen design

helped maximize every inch of space in this fun, yet sophisticated, kitchen.

 Function, Function, Function

unnamed edited.jpg

When it comes to kitchens, the single most important thing to think about is functionality. 

When I design kitchens, I always advise custom cabinetry. This ensures that you have the right storage for your needs! In this kitchen, we designed triple-stacked drawers to make use of every inch of space. Drawers are much easier to keep organized than traditional cabinets - and stacking three drawers ensures that every utensil, appliance, and dish has an easy-to-reach home. 

Another functional element that I always recommend is an auxiliary sink in the "command center" of the kitchen. Need to defrost meat, but don't want to sacrifice sink space for hours? Want to rinse your hands, but need to stay close to the stove? The auxiliary sink in the kitchen's central island is a life-saver. 

The built-in display hutch we designed as part of the custom cabinetry is also a functional element. Without sacrificing space, the client can display her cherished dishware in pride of place. 


This project is an example of why it's important to bring in an interior designer at the very start of your renovation. Without the proper expertise and experience, you could be losing space and function before your renovation has even begun!

Color, Texture, and  Artistry

unnamed-1 edited.jpg

The mosaic tile backsplash shown here inspired the color palette for this kitchen, including the gorgeous red sink and the cool, granite countertop.

We added continuity to the space by tying the bold red of the sink into the hallway opposite. The red paint and colorful artwork make for a cohesive yet interesting transitional space. 

But the major star of this kitchen renovation was the custom, hand-painted mural on the ceiling. We worked with a local artist to envision this one-of-a-kind piece. 

The adorable cherubs hold a sign that says "Eat at Marg's" to honor the cook. The inviting blue sky and the fluffy clouds make this kitchen feel like heaven on earth!

Want your home to feel like heaven?

Contact House 2 Home Designs today!

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